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Furstenberg Law is a top-rated Melbourne Criminal Law Firm. In fact, criminal law is all we do. Contact us now to speak with an experienced Melbourne Criminal Lawyer.


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Furstenberg Law is one of Melbourne’s most sought-after criminal law firms. Our clients hire us because we know how the law works, we get results and we provide a dedicated criminal defence. Our law firm was founded by Avi Furstenberg, an accredited specialist in criminal law. We also have the best female criminal lawyers in Melbourne. You’ll be dealing with a team of highly-skilled criminal lawyers.


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Ruwan Jayamanna
Ruwan Jayamanna
Google Review
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"I highly recommend Avi and his Team for your legal matters. Don't hesitate - just call them. Avi was fantastic - working through my complex legal issues and bringing about an outcome which was virtually beyond my wildest expectations! Thank you so much Avi - I'm extremely grateful for your kind, calm, knowledgable, supportive, responsive and empathetic demeanour, and interaction with me during easily the worst stage of my life. And of course for the outcome."
Katrina McMahon
Katrina McMahon
Google Review
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"I had the comfort of being represented by Holly Boylan during a recent sledge and application for IVO about me. Despite my stress, Holly was the ultimate professional, understanding and took the entire situation in her stride. The matter was resolved promptly and the correct outcome of complete withdrawal occurred. Always available to my questions, Hollys manner was astute, caring and professional."
Daniel Wood
Daniel Wood
Google Review
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"Holly was absolutely brilliant to deal with...Furstenberg Law really delve into our situation and went above and beyond to over deliver on the speed of the desired outcome - would recommend without hesitation."
Daniel Thaxter
Daniel Thaxter
Google Review
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"I am incredibly grateful for your hard work and effort you put in with not only my legal matter but also by putting me at ease emotionally. "
eliza dewey
eliza dewey
Google Review
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"My life is almost the same as it was before I got in trouble with the law thanks to him, and the way he helped me was exceptional."
Kath H
Kath H
Google Review
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"He is such a wonderful caring person and worked so hard in getting me the best possible outcome. He was professional, knowledgeable and determined and I have no hesitation in recommending his services."
Anmol Chahal
Anmol Chahal
Google Review
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"My experience with this firm was fantastic. Holly Boylan was my lawyer, and not only did she achieve the best possible outcome for me, but throughout the experience kept me informed about what was happening with regular updates. I highly recommend Holly for your legal matters."
Nikkii Shaw
Nikkii Shaw
Google Review
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"Can't thank Avi Furstenberg and his team at furstenberg law for the help, guidance and support shown. I couldn't have gotten a better outcome from my case, Avi is exceptional and professional at his job. I highly recommend using Furstenberg Law and Avi for their services!"

Proudly serving clients throughout Victoria

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Frequently asked questions about our criminal law firm

Furstenberg Law is located in the Melbourne CBD.
But we also offer phone or video appointments.
Office address:

Level 7/533 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Visit our contact page to hire the best criminal lawyers Melbourne CBD.

We are listed amongst the best criminal law firms Melbourne CBD.

All Victorian courts. Including the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and the Supreme Court of Victoria.

We also help clients in other states. This is on a case by case basis.

Please contact us to learn more.

Furstenberg Law serves clients in all Victorian locations.

Including Melbourne CBD, Richmond, Dandenong, Werribee, Frankston, St Kilda, Brunswick, South Yarra, North Melbourne, Prahran, Windsor, Carlton, Bacchus Marsh, Caroline Springs, Western Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, South Eastern Suburbs, Hoppers Crossing, Coburg, Essendon, Footscray, Preston, Sunshine, Taylors Lakes, Melton, Point Cook, Ballarat and more

Yes, Furstenberg Law has a team of highly-skilled female criminal lawyers. Check our ‘about‘ page to see the best female criminal lawyers in Melbourne.

Yes, Furstenberg Law has a team of highly-skilled traffic lawyers Melbourne. Offences include:

  • Drink driving
  • Drug driving
  • Careless driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Driving whilst suspended
  • Reckless conduct endangering life
  • Speeding dangerously,
  • and Various speeding limit breaches that result in court appearances.

Contact us here if you need a traffic lawyer.

Criminal and traffic offences in Victoria, Australia are governed by the state’s criminal code and road traffic laws. These offences range from minor infractions such as parking violations to serious crimes such as murder and drug trafficking.

Criminal offences in Victoria are classified as either summary or indictable. Summary offences are less serious and are usually dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court, while indictable offences are more serious and are dealt with in the County or Supreme Court. Examples of summary offences include disorderly conduct, offensive language, and theft, while examples of indictable offences include assault, burglary, and drug trafficking.

Traffic offences in Victoria are governed by the Road Safety Act and the Road Safety Road Rules. These offences include things such as speeding, drink driving, and driving while using a mobile phone. Penalties for traffic offences can include fines, demerit points, and in some cases, imprisonment. Repeat offenders or those committing serious offences such as dangerous driving may face harsher penalties.

Victoria also has a system of “Hoon” laws, which target reckless and antisocial driving behaviour. Offences under these laws include street racing, burnouts and dangerous driving. Penalties for hooning can include fines, impoundment of vehicles, and in some cases, imprisonment.

In Victoria, there are also strict laws regarding drug driving. It is illegal to drive with any detectable amount of illegal drugs in your system, and if found guilty, penalties can include fines, licence suspension, and even imprisonment.

Overall, Victoria has a comprehensive set of laws and penalties in place to address criminal and traffic offences. It is important for individuals to understand and abide by these laws to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the roads.

The cost of bail in Australia depends on a number of factors. These include the severity of the offence, your financial circumstances, the chances that you won’t abide by the terms and conditions of bail and the likelihood of you turning up for court.

We suggest you speak with a criminal lawyer. They can advise how much bail will probably cost.

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The cost of hiring a criminal lawyer in Melbourne, Australia, can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the complexity and seriousness of the case, the lawyer’s experience and reputation, and the fee structure used.

Here are some general cost ranges:

  1. Initial Consultation: Some lawyers offer a free initial consultation, while others might charge anywhere from AU$200 to AU$500.

  2. Hourly Rates: Criminal lawyers often charge by the hour. For less experienced lawyers, the rate could be around AU$200 to AU$400 per hour. More experienced lawyers or those with a particular specialisation might charge AU$500 to AU$800 per hour or even more.

  3. Fixed Fee: For some cases, lawyers might offer a fixed fee arrangement. This could range from a few thousand dollars for less serious matters to AU$10,000 or more for serious, complex cases.

  4. Legal Aid: If a person cannot afford a lawyer, they might be eligible for legal aid. Legal Aid Victoria, for instance, offers free information and help with some legal problems.

Remember, it’s important to have a clear understanding of a lawyer’s fees before engaging their services. Potential clients should ask for a detailed written estimate of costs and clarify what services are included in these fees. It’s also important to understand that the cost of legal representation can increase significantly if the case goes to trial.

The salary of a criminal lawyer in Melbourne, Australia, can vary greatly based on factors such as years of experience, specialisation, and the size and reputation of the law firm where they work. Here’s a general range:

  1. Entry-Level Criminal Lawyer: An entry-level criminal lawyer with less than 1-3 years of experience might expect to earn around AU$60,000 – AU$75,000 per year.

  2. Mid-Level Criminal Lawyer: A mid-career criminal lawyer with 4-9 years of experience might earn AU$80,000 – AU$120,000.

  3. Experienced Criminal Lawyer: An experienced criminal lawyer with 10-20 years of experience might earn AU$130,000 – AU$200,000 or more.

  4. Senior-Level Criminal Lawyer/Partner: Senior criminal lawyers or partners in law firms can earn significantly higher salaries, often exceeding AU$200,000 and potentially reaching AU$500,000 or more, particularly if they are partners in large firms or have high-profile or high-net-worth clients.

Please note that these are approximate figures and actual salaries can vary. For the most accurate and current information, consider looking at local job postings, using salary databases, or reaching out to professional organisations in Melbourne.

Each matter is different. Please contact us so we can learn more about your situation. This will assist us in providing an accurate estimate.

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