Drug Offences

Drug offences are among the most common principal offences in Australia. Drug offence lawyers deal with hundreds of drug cases every month in the Magistrates and higher courts of Victoria. Drug crimes involve illegal drugs that you either cannot legally obtain without prescription, or cannot legally possess under any circumstance. A list of these drugs can be found in the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 (Drugs Act) with the most common being cannabis, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy.

Most of the drug offences in the state of Victoria can be found in the Drugs Act. They are classified into 4 categories: (1) drug use, (2) drug possession, (3) drug trafficking, and (4) cultivation of plants from which drugs are obtained. It must also be noted that it is a drug offence to attempt, to conspire, or to encourage someone else to commit a drug offence. Importing and exporting illegal drugs is also a crime although this is under federal law and carries more severe penalties.

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Drug Charges

In Victoria, a total of 30,624 drug offences have been recorded from October 2017 to September 2018. Of this number, 14,503 had drug offences as the principal charge. Drug offences during this period also resulted in the most number of caution or official warning (4,466) which is the highest for this type of investigation status compared to all other types of offences in the state. Methylamphetamine was the drug type most often involved in drug dealing and trafficking while cannabis was the drug type most often involved in drug use and possession. (source: Crime Statistics Agency)

Drug Offence Lawyers

If you are facing charges related to a drug crime, speak with a drug offence lawyer immediately. A criminal defence lawyer that specialises in drug offences can evaluate your case and skilfully determine the best strategy to achieve the best outcome in court. Whether you are pleading guilty or contesting the charges, you need an experienced criminal law specialist to guide you throughout the entire legal process.

Furstenberg Law provides legal representation to any person facing drug charges in any Victorian court. Our drug offence lawyers specialise in both summary and indictable cases of drug crimes. Call us today and get your case evaluated.

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