Grooming of a Child Under 16 for Sexual Conduct

Man in Darkness Looking Outside WindowSection 49B of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) creates the offence of ‘grooming’ of a child under 16 for sexual conduct. In Victoria, the maximum penalty is 10 years imprisonment.  Like all sexual offences involving children it is a serious offence. A finding of guilt in relation to an offence of this nature will result in mandatory registration on the Sex Offenders Register.

Anything that you say in a police interview or to anyone else can potentially have consequences for the further conduct of your case. Seeking legal advice at the earliest opportunity is of vital importance in order to enable us to properly and expertly prepare a strategy to manage your matter.

To prove this offence, the prosecution must establish the following beyond reasonable doubt that the accused communicated with:

  1. A child under 16 years; or
  2. With a person having care, supervision or authority of the child; and
  3. With the intention of facilitating the child’s engagement or involvement in a sexual offence with themselves or another adult.

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