Sex Offence Lawyers

Allegations of sex offences call for the expertise of sexual offence lawyers. Sex crimes now comprise a significant proportion of the work of the Victorian criminal justice system. The police have established specialist units to investigate and both the Magistrates and County Courts have established specialist lists to deal and manage allegations of this nature.

There have been numerous amendments to the law surrounding sexual offences in recent times meaning that it can be complex. For example, the statutory definition of consent has changed a number of times over the past 10 years, maximums increased and the elements of offences changed. Most changes are not retrospective meaning that the allegations are to be considered and tried according to the law as it applied at the time. These amendments and the manner in which these allegations are treated require careful consideration, proper management and strategy. Furstenberg Law has the experience and expertise to manage your matter from the beginning in order to defend the charges and achieve the best outcome.

The first step in the process usually involves a formal interview with police. This interview is recorded and can later be used in evidence. Proper advice, management and strategy should begin before this stage. If that is not possible, you have the right to contact a sexual offence lawyer before the interview begins. It is important that you take the this opportunity. After the interview the investigation may continue or charges may be laid and the Court process commenced.

Sexual Offences

Sexual Offence Lawyers

We recognise that this a stressful time and the impact allegations of this nature can have on your life. It is important that during this time your case is managed by an experienced sexual offence lawyer as even the most innocuous comment or action can later have adverse impacts. Put yourself in our hands and allow us to properly and expertly prepare a strategy to manage the matter.

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